Free daily coronavirus news round-up available

Radio News Hub is producing a daily 10-minute audio news round-up focussing on the current coronavirus pandemic.

The broadcast-ready production will be available after 7pm each weekday and any station around the world, including non-Radio News Hub clients, can air it for free.

The round-up will include all of the days’ developments, including audio from senior government figures including Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Stations just need to email to gain access.

Director Jamie Fletcher said: “These are unprecedented times. Radio has a key role to play in the coming weeks and months to provide facts that are relevant to all of us. Therefore, we are making this available to all English-speaking radio stations around the world for no additional charge.”

The daily round up will also include the latest statistics from both home and abroad, along with details of any potential changes that could impact daily life.

The ten-minute programme, which will be made available from 1900 GMT Monday-Friday will also be streamed repeatedly on News Radio UK from 8pm in place of its usual rolling service of news, sport, travel, business, weather and showbiz news.

Director Stephanie Otty said: “We have had many requests from client stations over the last few days to look into the possibility of creating additional content. We hope our client stations find use for this vital information.”

Radio News Hub, based in Leeds, provides hourly bulletins of 60 or 120 seconds, to 200 English speaking radio stations around the world. These bulletins continue to be broadcast hourly with all of the latest information.

To sign up for the Coronavirus Round up bulletins – email