First radio show broadcast from new BBC Wales HQ

The first radio programme to be broadcast from the new BBC Wales headquarters in Cardiff city centre took place over the weekend.

BBC Radio Cymru 2 went live from Central Square at 7am on Saturday and at 11am BBC Radio Cymru broadcast its first programme from the new building.

Before now, Radio Cymru had been broadcasting from the BBC’s Llandaff site since its inception, over 43 years ago.

Presenter Daniel Glyn’s voice was first heard from the new studio on BBC Radio Cymru 2, and Daniel was joined by two others, BBC Radio Cymru 2 and BBC Radio 1 presenter Huw Stephens and Caryl Parry Jones.

On BBC Radio Cymru, Y Sioe Sadwrn is the first programme to air from the new building, with Shelley Rees and Rhydian Bowen Phillips presenting.

Rhuanedd Richards, BBC Radio Cymru and Cymru Fyw Editor, says: “The people own the airwaves’ – that was the desire for our Welsh language services. It is therefore significant that the new home of Radio Cymru and BBC Cymru Fyw in the South is now located in the heart of the capital and in a site so familiar to the people of Wales.

“I am also very pleased that our Welsh language services are now able to take advantage of the best broadcast technology as we continue to work towards reaching new audiences. Of course, Radio Cymru and Radio Cymru 2’s great strength is that we broadcast from centres across the whole of Wales, and our commitment to that continues.”