Radioplayer available for upcoming Polestar 2 EV

Radioplayer will be available in the new Polestar 2 electric vehicle via a new partnership with Google.

The EV will feature the Android Automotive operating system, which Radioplayer has been one of the first organisations to develop an app for.

This will be recommended to drivers of vehicles sold in Radioplayer countries via a Playout Auto Install process, a status only available to a handful of partner apps, pre-selected by Google and Polestar.

The Radioplayer Android Automotive app features live stations and on-demand/podcast shows from thousands of broadcasters, offering recommendations, voice-search and now-playing information.

The Polestar 2 will roll out across several European markets starting this month, including in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Norway. Google, Volvo and Polestar are co-ordinating with Radioplayer representatives in these countries.

Michael Hill, Radioplayer Managing Director said: “We’re delighted to be supporting the launch of the Polestar 2. Radio has always been front-and-centre in car entertainment systems and our aim is to ensure that continues by developing smart radio interfaces which deliver the next-generation audio experiences that listeners expect.

“We will be developing Android Automotive capability which supports the merging of broadcast radio with online content, in a rich hybrid implementation. Radioplayer is proud to be leading this work on behalf of our thousands of international member stations.”

Anya Ernest, Business Design Director at Polestar added: “We’re delighted Radioplayer is supporting our launch and with others are leading the way in Android Automotive. Radio is an important part of the media offer to our customers.

“The launch of the Polestar 2 is the first step in transforming our perception, moving away from the car as only being a mode of transportation and the car as an extension of your digital life. If we can increase the usage and the context of the car then this can help in our long term goal in creating a more sustainable future.”

The development of Android Automotive-compatible versions of their mobile apps is the first step for Radioplayer in ensuring hybrid capability (merging broadcast radio (FM, DAB) with online streams, logos, podcasts, and rich visuals) for all apps in Android Automotive.