The Bald Builders join Fix Radio for Brunch

The Bald Builders, known for their content on Facebook and YouTube, are joining Fix Radio.

Brad and Sam, who have 800,000 followers on Facebook and 50,000 on YouTube, will be on-air every Friday lunchtime from 11am till 1pm, joined by producer Darryl Riddz.

Tony Dibbin, Consultant Content Director, says: “It’s been my goal since I joined Fix a few months ago to sign these guys. They’re incredible communicators and in an era where engaging content wins, I’m thrilled to welcome them to Fix Radio.”

“The new show aims to get builders and tradespeople to celebrate downing tools as they head into the weekend.”

Brad Hanson says: “This is really exciting for us. We’ve always wanted to bring The Bald Builders to radio and now we can. We can’t wait to get behind the mics and start tearing up the airwaves.”

Troy Stevens, Commercial Director for Rhino Trade Insurance, says: “The Bald Builders are the gold standard in banter and entertainment for tradespeople and we are delighted to partnering with Brad & Sam and Fix Radio for this exciting new show.”

The show will be promoted via several London billboards including a site on Cromwell Road, the busiest A-road in Europe.