Feature: Have you heard Radio Silence?

Kaylee Golding speaks up about a new podcast from Radio Silence.

“Radio Silence is a podcast created, presented and produced by the founders of the #RadioSilence movement; myself, Pulama Kaufman and Sara Hebil-Motiea.

It’s a movement that aims to bring attention to the diversity gap in the UK radio industry by being transparent and informative.

The podcast will carry on this mission through facilitating honest conversations between myself and minority groups within the radio industry.

The conversation will be raw and candid and will highlight personal stories while also asking high ranking media personnel what is being done to create a diverse and equal industry.

Each season will cover a different issue of diversity within the industry; our first season will be looking at the race gap in the UK radio industry to better understand the lack of black creatives in managerial, front facing and producer roles.

We will also be speaking with managers and editors across the sector to understand the steps being taken to increase inclusion and diversity and ask them about their thoughts on the current industry climate.”

Listen to the first episode of the podcast here.