Tesla offers upgrade option to bring back radio

Some Tesla owners who lost AM, FM and DAB radio functions after upgrading some internal hardware now have the option to restore the facility.

The original Tesla Model S cars came with AM, FM and DAB+ as standard when they went on sale in 2014 in the UK, but the option earlier this year to upgrade the Media Control Unit, or MCU1 to MCU2 meant the radio stopped working.

Now, Tesla has said those owners can restore AM, FM and DAB+ for an additional cost.

The original update was £2340 and the restore option is priced at £470.

This situation only affects owners who bought a Model S or Model X before March 2018 who decided to upgrade, and does not affect the newer Model 3.

Cars in America are also affected, but have the same situation with SiriusXM instead of DAB.

Every Tesla bought with MCU1 from 2014 to 2018 also has free unlimited data connection and TuneIn built in, so accessing any radio station shouldn’t present a problem where there is data coverage.

The upgrade also offers a faster computer processor to improve navigation, plus the ability to play games, watch Netflix, YouTube and use 5G.