Polish Tourism Organisation signs up with Travel Radio

Travel industry station Travel.Radio has agreed a new partnership with the Polish Tourism Organisation (PTO).

The daily Mid Morning Show with Gaynor Morgan will be presented in association with the PTO every weekday between 10am-1pm.

Iwona Białobrzycka, Director, said: “From the very beginning, we knew, we would like to work with Travel.Radio as they provide both industry news and great music content throughout the week.”

Dorota Wojciechowska, Head of Marketing, added: “We are thrilled to advertise on Travel.Radio, particularly now when travel agents listen to the radio more than ever. We believe that it will be the perfect complement to our online campaigns”.

Debbie Henley, CEO of Travel.Radio: “We are a digital radio station that speaks direct to the heart of the travel industry wherever they are in the world. We are absolutely thrilled to be working in association with the Polish Tourism Organisation and we will do all we can to encourage the growth in tourism once again.”