Double the power for Southport’s Mighty Radio

Southport community station Mighty Radio is celebrating getting double the power allowance from Ofcom for its 107.9FM transmitter.

Mighty Radio has been on FM since 1st April 2019 using the frequency previously used by commercial station Dune FM before it entered administration.

Managing Director Trevor Ford says: “Having extra coverage means we can keep the listener, listening longer as they travel to and from work and will be able to listen outside the town of Southport, as they may travel to and from the town, towards Preston/Blackpool/Wigan/Ormskirk/Liverpool.”

Managing Director Sean Connolly adds: “Having the extra power increase for our Mighty Radio transmitter, it makes us sound that bit stronger in the surrounding areas in which we agreed within our original license. I’ve just done a ‘Gifts for Kids Toy Appeal’ and I have 100 presents making their way from Skelmersdale to Southport.

“This area in which Mighty can be heard and it’s important to make connections to the surrounding areas of Southport. We are nearly at 1000 presents, these will go to underprivileged local children in Southport this festive season. These children have been identified by our local food banks and schools.”

Station Manager Paul Tasker also adds: “We want the listener to get local information on everything from charity and fundraising events, road closures, news headlines and even when Santa is coming to Southport. This is something you cannot get with other radio stations coming from London or Manchester.