Jeff Brazier released new podcast Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio has teamed up with Jeff Brazier to launch a new straight-talking podcast, Jeff Brazier – Only Human.

In the first edition, out on 26th January, trained life coach, presenter, and author of the ‘The Grief Survival Guide’ Jeff will guide listeners through their dilemmas while looking at ways to make real lasting change.

Speaking about the new podcast, produced by TBI Media for Bauer Media, Jeff said: “This podcast is a real culmination of my training, life experience, desire to help and my ability to articulate the harder subjects in what I believe is a more accessible and compassionate way.

“There are a lot of great podcasts aimed at those that want to become ‘high achievers’ but what about people that want help to simply cope or just know how to be ok?

“We should all feel heard and validated, and for our difficulties to be recognised without judgement. This podcast caters for all, and I’m really excited to provide a place where people can ask their questions without fear of being sneered at or belittled. We’ve always needed this but maybe now more than ever.”

Jeff is on if you want to get involved.