Global signs up National Public Media for DAX

National Public Media, the sponsorship subsidiary of NPR in North America, has signed up to use the Digital Ad Exchange from Global.

The deal means DAX will be the exclusive sponsorship partner for managing NPR podcast inventory in Canada.

NPR’s audio portfolio reaches a total monthly audience of 165 million users across platforms via radio, smart speakers,, NPR apps and podcasts.

Its wide range of podcast programming — which reaches 24M monthly users — includes Fresh Air, How I Built This, Planet Money, NPR Politics Podcast, Pop Culture Happy Hour, TED Radio Hour and The Indicator from Planet Money.

Chris Nimigon, Chief Revenue Officer at DAX Canada, commented: “This agreement is an incredible opportunity to join forces with one of the world’s foremost audio networks. Podcast listening continues to deliver incremental year-on-year growth. By connecting NPR’s talented podcasters with the right brands and agencies, we can help podcasts retain their authentic voice while benefiting from vital sponsorships.

“We look forward to bringing Canadian audiences engaging messages that increase awareness of relevant products and services no matter how or where they tune in.”

National Public Media CEO Gina Garrubbo said: “The last year has proven the huge importance of high-quality, trustworthy and entertaining media for today’s listening audience, especially through digital channels.

“As NPR’s roster of podcasts continues to captivate a growing volume of listeners in multiple regions, we are delighted to be securing an additional revenue stream that will allow NPR to keep producing great content. With its strong focus on maximum relevance and unobtrusive delivery, DAX will provide the bridge to sponsorships that enrich the listening experience on all sides, taking NPR’s podcasts from strength to strength.”