Greg James and Bella Mackie launch new podcast

Greg James and Bella Mackie are working together on a new podcast for BBC Radio 5 Live called Teach Me A Lesson.

Greg is working with his wife on the audio and will hand the microphone over to a different teacher every episode, aiming to uncover facts on subjects which might not have been covered in school.

It will have a different topic every week, such as ‘Why do we get ill?’, ‘Are people born evil?’ and ‘How to win an argument by watching RuPaul’s Drag Race’.

Greg and Bella said: “We don’t think we’re alone in finding learning more interesting and rewarding as adults. This made us feel that maybe we could have made more of an effort in the classroom!

“So with that in mind, we wondered if we could right those wrongs and try again. Some brilliant teachers have stepped up and given their time to teach us new things. We’ve had so much fun making this podcast, as well as learning a lot and we hope the listeners love it as much as we do.”

Teach Me A Lesson starts on Monday 8th February.