Magic Radio to air multicultural relationship stories

Magic has a new special series called Our Love highlighting multicultural relationships of Magic Radio listeners and celebrities.

Airing from 8th February and culminating in a two hour show on Valentine’s Day, the features aim to spark a conversation around the cross-generational challenges faced by those in interracial and cross cultural relationships.

Listener stories will be presented as audio vignettes across the schedule with special guests and insights from Googlebox’s Tom Malone Jr and his girlfriend Bryony Briscoe. Katie Piper and her husband Richie Sutton will then present a two hour show on February the 14th at 1pm.

The series is supported by The Audio Content Fund, which has so far supported 77 projects, from 52 different suppliers, broadcast on 314 different radio stations.

Speaking about ‘Our Love on Magic Radio’ Katie Piper said “We are really looking forward to our show on Magic Radio. It will give us a chance as a couple to share our experiences, both positive and negative, around interracial relationships.

“The contributor stories are so powerful, and they show how important it is to continue this conversation and dialogue in 2021 and beyond.”

Tom Malone Bryony Briscoe said: “Being part of a show like Gogglebox opens you up to public attention, and that puts a spotlight on our personal life, which can be both good and bad. The Valentine’s period is the perfect opportunity for Magic Radio to shine a spotlight on interracial relationships and to highlight listeners personal stories. Bryony and I can’t wait to hear it and share the message of positivity.”

Group Content Director for Magic Radio, Tony Moorey added “Like our listeners, love takes all kinds of incredible, diverse forms and this Valentine’s Day it’s so important that this is celebrated. With stories that will make our listeners laugh, cry or feel inspired, we’re so excited to share these important first-hand experiences.”