Simon Mayo returns to Drivetime radio with GHR

Greatest Hits Radio’s new networked Drivetime show with Simon Mayo launched on Monday with Gary Barlow, Marti Pellow, Midge Ure, Tony Hadley and many more artists wishing him well.

Kicking off the programme with Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’, Simon welcomed in listeners both new and old.

The show is broadcast from London across the Greatest Hits Radio network in England and Wales, and features split ads/jingles, regional news and local travel news for each licence the show is broadcast on.

Simon also has new sung jingles to use on the show, which are produced with VO mentions for local areas.

Speaking just after 4pm, Simon said “Where else to start? Bruce Springsteen and ‘Born to Run’.

“And that is the travel news on your new drivetime programme from Greatest Hits Radio. (Quoting ‘Born to Run’ lyrics) The highways are jammed with broken heroes on our last chance power drive. So first thing to say, thank you to all the previous presenters who sat here doing this show in previous months and years, building the show up to where it is now. Thank you, I definitely owe you one.

“Also if you’ve listened to Greatest Hits Radio at Drivetime for a while, thank you, stay with us. I think we’ll make a good team. Plus! New listeners, new arrivals, it’s our first day of term together. Thank you for being there. Hope you’ll around, at least until 7pm. So it kind of feels good, and after just the briefest of breaks, back in the driver’s seat.”

Simon promised listeners “a few new ideas a few old ideas as well”. Jingle ‘Enjoy yourself.. it’s later than you think’ was back, along with Sports presenter Matt Williams, a member of Simon’s previous Drivetime line-up – although broadcasting from his attic in North London due to Covid restrictions.

Along with producer Suzi, Simon and Matt debuted a brand new feature ‘Drivetime Drama’ on the show, in which they act out a song title for listeners to guess.

Simon also spoke to Fairground Attraction’s Eddi Reader after Simon selected their song ‘Perfect’ as his first ‘Record of the Week’ – showcasing a song from the 70s, 80s or 90s released on that week in history.

GHR’s obligatory regional show, previously Drivetime, now airs between 1pm and 4pm weekdays.