BBC u-turn over David Allen’s final radio shows

BBC presenter David Allen has been told he won’t be hosting his final radio shows following an announcement over being axed.

He told listeners on Saturday evening that he only had three more shows to go before his time at the corporation was up.

He’s been with the BBC for 20 years but David says bosses decided he attracted the wrong kind of audience.

David was informed by a senior BBC manager on Thursday that he wasn’t welcome back to host his final three shows as planned, despite being told the opposite days earlier.

He told RadioToday: “I’m just sad that I won’t be able to say a proper goodbye to my listeners. They’ve been so nice and supportive, they are true friends.

“And I hope they get a reply from their emails complaining about the show ending. I’ve not been able to forward them to the relevant people as my email account has been disabled.”

The BBC confirmed the move to RadioToday, saying: “His contract was coming to an end. David won’t be back on air.”

The programme was broadcast from BBC Radio Solent in Southampton and syndicated across Solent, Solent, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxford and Kent.