Lyca Dilse Radio wants to change its format

Lyca Media II Ltd has put in a request with Ofcom to change the format of its London-based local radio station Lyca Dilse Radio.

If the request is approved, the station would become a retro Asian music radio station with lifestyle speech, targeting over 40-year old Asians in London.

The new format means the station would have to offer less speech during the daytime than it currently does.

Ofcom says it is minded to grant it but is seeking views from listeners and other interested parties before deciding on the request, and the consultation closes at 5pm on 28 May 2021.

If approved, the format would change from:

“An interactive speech-based station targeted at over-35s in the various Asian communities around London, accompanied by a mix of popular forms of music appealing to the target audience. Speech (expected to comprise at least half of daytime, and maybe less out of daytime) may be in English but should encourage a multi-lingual environment.”


“A retro Asian music radio station targeting over 40-year old Asians in London. Playing music from 50s to 90s era & no current music. Also inclusion of lifestyle speech.”

Lyca Dilse Radio broadcasts on 1035AM and DAB to Greater London.