Radio Leeds’ Paul Dunphy hits out over BBC treatment

BBC Radio Leeds broadcaster Paul Dunphy says he is sad after his eight years of service at the corporation has apparently come to an abrupt end without warning.

Paul tweeted on Tuesday to say he’s found out his BBC email is to be shut off & building pass stripped of access, without being told the reason why from station management.

He went on to say it’s a sad indictment of how freelancers are treated.

Paul has not been on his Saturday show since the BBC simplified all of the BBC local radio schedules and removed most double-headed programmes in March 2020.

“Eight years spent working on BBC local radio. COVID strikes & I lose my show (after being told that it most likely would come back once things return to normal). Today I find out my e-mail is to be shut off & my pass stripped of access. Eight years and not even a phone call. Sad.

But the BBC has told RadioToday Paul has not left the station and his future is still unwritten.

A BBC spokesperson said: “We don’t recognise the situation described here. No decision has been taken on the future of Paul’s programme.

“We simplified our schedules at the start of the pandemic to keep our staff safe and to protect our core programming at a time when our audiences needed news and information more than ever.”

Speaking to RadioToday, Paul adds that he’s not received any communication from the station in over a year regarding the ongoing situation.