Greg James has to break out of the Radio 1 Campervan

BBC Radio 1 has announced its latest station-wide promotion live on The One Show as Greg James gets locked in a Campervan to travel the UK.

He’ll be joined by Vick Hope and Jordan North on the tour, but Greg won’t be allowed out of the van until he works out the password.

Greg thought he was getting ready to go on Radio 1’s Summer Break, but it will known as the Summer Break Out instead, with himself as the star.

All three presenters were due to be visiting popular UK holiday destinations and co-hosting the Radio 1 Breakfast Show live from the Radio 1 Campervan for some proper holiday fun… However, unbeknownst to Greg, Jordan and Vick have been plotting the challenge instead.

Greg, with the help of Radio 1 listeners, will have to solve a series of clues that will be revealed along their trip (starting in Blackpool) and work out which word links all of the clues together.

Once Greg thinks he’s got the password, he’ll need to enter it into the keypad to be granted freedom.

Previous station-wide competitions run by the station in recent years include Hide’n’Seek, The Radio 1 Escape Room and Who’s Got Greg.