Radio presenter talent search returns to BBC Asian Network

Undiscovered presenters are being invited to apply to have a show on BBC Asian Network with the latest station talent search.

For the second year in a row, the initiative is looking for twelve brand new voices who live and breathe British Asian culture, music and entertainment and have the confidence to draw in new and existing listeners across the airwaves.

The final selected twelve will host four two-hour Sunday shows each between March 2022 – February 2023.

Following the first year of the programme, a number of presenters who had no previous radio experience have gone on to permanently host their own shows on the network.

Midlands-based model and content creator Serena Takhar is one of them, having no prior connection to radio, Serena has now gone on to host the brand new commission Asian Network Chill.

Other success stories include Jeevan Ravindran who came on board as a writer and now hosts a Sunday evening show on a fortnightly rotation and DJ and Producer Virdi Mazaria who has also covered a number of live shows on the network.

Applications are now open via the uploader on the BBC Asian Network website and will close at midnight on 12 December 2021.

Serena says, “Presenting was something I’d always considered but never really knew how to go about it. When I saw the incredible opportunity with Asian Network Represents, I knew it would be the perfect way for me to learn and experience what it was to be a radio presenter. The whole journey from being mentored by a team of experts was amazing. I can’t believe from this opportunity I now have my own show on the network and it’s all thanks to Asian Network Represents which gave me that chance!”

Jeevan says, “Asian Network Represents was such a surreal experience and I loved every minute of it. From getting to share my eclectic playlists with my listeners and improving my confidence on air, I gained so much from it. And I can’t believe I still get to represent the Tamil community on BBC Asian Network many months later! I’m incredibly grateful.

For anyone thinking of applying, please just go for it! I would never have imagined that recording a 10-minute demo in my bedroom in January would get me here. Just be yourself, think about what you represent and who you’re doing this for, and record your demo as if you’re talking to a friend.”

Virdi Mazaria says, “I really wanted to take this next step with Asian Network Represents which gave me the opportunity to get on the UK’s biggest platform for Asian Radio. It helped me so much by kickstarting my career and opportunities in radio. I loved it, playing my favourite music, making mixes and chatting about what I’m interested in while showcasing my personality. An opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss!”

Ahmed Hussain, Head of BBC Asian Network says, “We’re here to ensure that the right opportunities exist for fresh, raw presenters no matter where they are in the UK. Last year’s entries exceeded all of our expectations and this year I want everyone who is thinking about submitting a demo, to do just that! You never know where this opportunity could lead to and what may come with it, just look at the amazing work this year’s cohort have gone on to do!”