Adthos Creative Studio offers free custom vaccination advert

Adthos Creative Studio is offering the ability for stations to create an audio advert using text-to-speech and synthetic voice technology promoting vaccination.

The new company has created a readymade campaign for radio stations focused on encouraging vaccine uptake which can be downloaded and used for free, with promos covering 6,500 cities in 40 countries, and in 70 languages and dialects.

Over 200 cities around the UK are included in the pre-made ads.

With more than 13.000 creatives, and supported on its release by stations with a total of more than 250 million weekly listeners, Adthos says it’s the largest audio ad campaign in history.

Using Creative Studio, broadcasters and advertisers are not only able to create, produce and playout their ads in record time, they also have access to a suite of pre-produced adverts covering various kinds of businesses or services which can be quickly and easily customised to their needs.

The company says: “In a time where fake news and misinformation is rife, we believe that radio – which remains one of the most trusted forms of media – has an important role to play in contributing positively to the world.

“And in the midst of an evolving public health crisis, the ability to create powerful targeted messaging quickly and easily to be rolled out in multiple locations offers big advantages. We also see this as a positive use for AI technology that benefits humanity.”

Visit the Adthos Responsible AI for Humanity webpage to experience it for yourself.