Boom Radio reveals all-time favourite Beatles track

A poll of over 2000 Boom Radio listeners has revealed In My Life as the all-time best Beatles song.

The radio station counted down the Top 40 Beatles tracks across the day on Friday and listeners heard the Top 20 back-to-back from 5pm (Friday 26 Nov 2021) with Boom Radio’s Nicky Horne.

Also making the top three is ‘A Day in the Life’ and ‘Hey Jude’.

Boom Radio presenter Nicky Horne has interviewed The Beatles over the course of their career, including John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Horne conducted a notable interview with John Lennon in his New York apartment in 1975, where Lennon revealed how the CIA was monitoring him through wiretaps, before it emerged that he had in fact been surveilled.

Commenting on the chart, Boom Radio presenter Nicky Horne, said: “The Beatles transcend generations and that’s why we wanted to do a chart this week, to pay homage to their incredible work over the decades, especially as ‘Get Back’ was released.

“For many of us Boomers, we saw The Beatles through grainy black and white televisions. With Peter Jackson’s vibrant, psychedelic restoration, you truly see the songs taking shape in this unseen footage – we’ve never seen The Beatles like this before.”

David Hamilton, presenter at Boom Radio, added: “I was fortunate enough to interview The Beatles and Brian Epstein during the breakout year of Beatlemania, 1963. For many of our generation who witnessed The Beatles explosion, from the Cavern Club to breaking America, we were with them for every step of the journey.”