Community radio stations wanted to air new audio drama

A new drama series called The Waves is being made available free of charge to all community radio stations.

Holy Mountain created the audio in association with Tamasha Theatre Company with money from the Audio Content Fund.

Each tells a story based in a different part of the UK but taken together create a national picture of contemporary British life.

There are five stories, each written by promising young writers of dual / multiple heritage from across the country.

These are modern, fresh and contemporary stories. Not historical drama – and yet the stories arise from an informed reading of British history. The Waves has scale and ambition as well as local relevance.

The series is created by Boz Temple-Morris (founder of Holy Mountain and twice winner of the APA Award for best drama Producer) and Fin Kennedy (award winning playwright and former Artistic Director of Tamasha).

Fin and Boz have formed and mentored teams of locally-based artists, telling stories recorded in Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Leamington Spa.

Fifteen radio stations are already signed up to broadcast the Waves with more being added. Please contact for more details.