Potential DAB multiplex applicant seeks interested stations

Rutland and Stamford Sound is conducting a feasibility study into operating the Rutland and Stamford small scale DAB multiplex.

The multiplex licence is due to be advertised as part of Ofcom’s third round of awards.

Rutland and Stamford Sound launched in March of this year as an online, app and smart speaker community station. The station manager is Rob Persani, formerly with Rutland Radio for over twenty years.

Rob explained that while the station is committing to a thorough feasibility study, it remains open-minded about the outcome: “We have been delighted by how well Rutland and Stamford Sound has been received by the local community but we regularly receive feedback that people would like to be able to listen to us via either FM or DAB.

“The opportunity to operate the Rutland and Stamford multiplex is appealing as it will provide a route for us to broaden our reach, as well as providing more choice to listeners across Rutland and Stamford.

“However, we recognise that it would be a challenging task and we will only move forward with an application if operating the multiplex is feasible from a financial, technical and resourcing perspective. A key part of the feasibility study will be assessing the demand from third-party services to join the multiplex.

“While we do not have the largest population, we believe that the Rutland and Stamford area has an attractive demographic. We are inviting any services interested in joining the Rutland and Stamford multiplex to get in touch.”

The Rutland and Stamford multiplex covers an area of 769 square kilometres and a population of 62,414. Any services who may be interested in joining the Rutland and Stamford multiplex are invited to email: admin@rutlandandstamfordsound.co.uk.