The best gaming podcasts from 2021 for you to listen to

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radio mixer podcast rodecaster pro

2021 was a great year for gaming podcasts. Both gaming and podcasts are more popular than ever, so it’s no surprise that the mix of the two is popular as well.

In this article, we guide you through the best gaming podcasts from 2021.

There are so many podcasters streaming into the internet that it gets hard to keep up with the latest one. But with a little help from our expertise, you can effortlessly catch up with the latest news regarding the best ones, their style, and what they review. We take a look at the best podcasts of 2021 that seem to have gamers in a frenzy. Hop on for a bumpy ride to the 2021 gaming podcast world.

How did this get played?

This podcast is relatively new in this niche now that it has been functional since 2019. While other teams specialise in reviewing outstanding console games, this one deals with the worst and weirdest ones. The three hosts, Heather, Nick, and Matt, incorporate comedy into their videos to make the session livelier.

Aside from that, the channel also hosts a weekly 70-minute video that delves into discussing the things that the hosts enjoy playing regularly. You are sure of finding their newer content on the vlog, unlike older ones that get dumped in the archive box.

Surprisingly, these gaming enthusiasts have not yet mentioned anything casino-related on their vlog.

This is quite unsettling considering that they are game lovers (You can check out for information on the latest web casinos if you are a wager fanatic).

Game Scoop

If you are looking for something that has a recap of all the noteworthy games, you should peruse through Game Scoop’s page. They review all game-related aspects, including the game’s producer, the gameplay, top features, and even speculate into the future to see what mergers between gaming companies would look like. Their round of 20 questions would probably be the most exciting segment because it enables the viewers to have a different perspective of each game.

Pod chaser’s Sacred Symbols

The PlayStation is one of the oldest console games manufactured, and it would only be fair to have a channel solely dedicated to scrutinising its content. Housed on the Podchaser, sacred symbols is a weekly probe on everything PS. And when we say PS-related games, we mean only the latest PlayStation consoles. So, expect your most outdated podcast to review the PS4 console.

With 187 episodes uploaded on the website, you are bound to get a lot of helpful information about this gaming console.

Last Stand Media

One of the most popular podcasts online is LSM. Their knack for in-depth scrutiny on each game keeps the viewers flooding to their page. Brace yourself for a maximum of three and a half hours of non-stop chatting (of course, there are ads) about any game’s particulars. You can equally indulge yourself in the shorts that have all the exciting edits that should be the juice of the videos.

Alanah Pearce

Although she is not a renowned vlogger, this elaborate chick bags under her wing several game reviews. Having worked for Sony, she knows a thing or two about game writing, and she keeps the gaming community updated about all gaming-related news. Alanah also uploads valuable resources such as the game set up, game voting insights, and shorts on some essential aspects of several games.