TuneIn partners with Estrella Media and Grupo Fórmula

TuneIn has agreed a partnership with Estrella Media to bring their renowned Don Cheto Al Aire morning show and Regional Mexican, Norteño and Banda radio stations, anchored by Que Buena Los Angeles, to their platform.

In addition, TuneIn has partnered with Grupo Fórmula, bringing Spanish-language entertainment and news content to the platform. TuneIn will expand revenue opportunities for Estrella Media by reselling instream advertising outside of the local markets for Estrella Media’s 11 stations on the platform.

According to a recent RIAA study, revenue from online radio based Latin content grew 24% in the first half of 2021, which has helped pave the way for TuneIn’s collaborations with Estrella Media and Grupo Fórmula. By partnering with a digital solution like TuneIn, both broadcasters will have more capabilities to grow their listening numbers and revenue.

“Both Estrella Media and Grupo Fórmula are market leaders in Spanish-language entertainment and news radio content,” said Richard Stern, CEO of TuneIn. “We are extremely pleased to be expanding our Spanish-language offerings to a new generation of Latin radio fans and listeners around the world through the TuneIn platform. We’re also thrilled to help Estrella Media’s local stations increase monetization outside of their local markets as an added benefit of our partnership.”

“Estrella Media is committed to super-serving our audiences wherever and whenever they choose to watch or listen,” said René Santaella, EVP, Digital & Streaming, Estrella Media. “Our partnership with TuneIn amplifies our popular shows like Don Cheto Al Aire and our Regional Mexican music stations by being available for free on all streaming platforms including the rapidly growing smart speaker and auto markets. It is a great pairing of our programming expertise with TuneIn’s scale and innovative distribution.”

“We live in a hyperconnected world where we have access to much information, that’s why we need serious and trusted sources. Grupo Fórmula leads the market by sharing verified information through well-known and experienced talent who apply their knowledge and expertise to the opinions they give. We achieved our goal of ‘Keep Mexico Well Informed’ by using our multi-platform presence and adding alliances with other important organizations who can help us in moving forward. Here is where TuneIn plays an important role as it lets us reach listeners during all moments of their days,” said Isaid Mera, Digital Manager, Grupo Fórmula. “Also, this partnership with TuneIn represents an opportunity for us to amplify the reach of our content and to increase profit for our clients.”