Brandy Jingles updates One World Radio at Tomorrowland

One World Radio is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with an imaging update produced by BRANDY.

The Tomorrowland radio station can already be received nationwide 24/7 in various European countries via DAB+ and FM, and it’s also on air on Saturdays via Qmusic in the Netherlands and Fun in France.

Stijn D’hont, head of Music Programming at OWR says: “Tomorrowland wants to bring people together: uniting the People Of Tomorrow with The Sound Of Tomorrowland 24/7 all across the world. Brandy is unique in its ability to communicate that DNA in its productions.

“A new spectacular ID is a basis for a toolbox in which One World Radio can easily process quotes and voiceovers.”

Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy added: “We’re building on the unique orchestral sound that is so characteristic of Tomorrowland. The synths and timeless classical instruments come together in a tight hybrid orchestral sound.

“The intention was to immediately create a lot of momentum in the basic ID while still being able to build up enough musically.”

Here’s how the main ID sounds.