Chris Country is changing its name to CountryLine Radio

CountryLine, owners of digital station Chris Country, is rebranding the service to CountryLine Radio.

Chris Country was launched in 2013 by country music fan and radio programmer Chris Stevens and purchased by CountryLine in 2020.

CountryLine is a global fan club app for country music. Its co-founder and CEO Simon Walker said: “We look forward to continuing to serve our loyal listeners as we introduce the new name, and we welcome new listeners across the UK and beyond.

With the same great presenters, and programmes that have made Chris Country such a success. As the CountryLine brand grows in the UK and globally it makes sense that the radio station becomes fully integrated to the family.”

Chris Stevens comments: “We know that our listeners love the station, and nothing will change on air, we’ll just be singing CountryLine Radio jingles instead!”

The change was announced on social media this morning and takes place on March 7th 2022.