Liam Gallagher talking to Absolute Radio reveals real thoughts on New Year’s Honours list

Ahead of his BRIT’s performance on Tuesday night, Liam Gallagher joined Dave Berry on the Absolute Radio Breakfast show to talk about his new single Everything’s Electric, his predictions for The BRIT Awards and whether he is really after that nod from the Queen.

The Manchester musician revealed to Dave how his new song, which is co-written by Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl came about.

“There was always talk about Dave doing something, or maybe on the last one, but it didn’t happen,” Liam explained.

After a couple months recording songs for the album, he thought they were all ready and he was about to go to the pub when he got a call asking him to go back to the studio to listen to a song from Dave with Greg Kurstin.

“So, I listen to it. I had to sack going to the pub, went in, whacked the vocal down, sent it back to him. He sent it back with a few notes and that and there we have it,” Liam said.

Dave Berry also asked Liam to give his predictions ahead of The BRITs on Tuesday with the six times BRIT Award winner opting for Sam Fender as his choice for both Artist of the Year and Best Rock/Alternative Act.

“For me I’d have Sam Fender. I don’t know much about it and that. He’s done a gig and all that tackle but, you know, he’s got a guitar and he writes his tunes and all that and it seems to be people are digging it. He’s more where I’m at.” commented Liam.

The singer also revealed that although his tweets may say otherwise, he doesn’t actually want to be on the New Year’s Honours list.

“I don’t want one, I don’t want any of that gear.” he said, “I just sort of think it’s funny.”

“I mean, as soon as I tweet it, I’m on the deck laughing because I know there’s people out there going, “Who does he think he is? As if! As if the Queen’s going to give him, the little–” You know what I mean? So, you’re just riling people up, aren’t you on Christmas, on New Year’s Day, January 1st, or whatever it is.”

That’s cleared that one up then!

You can listen to the Dave Berry Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio Monday to Friday from 6am and Liam’s interview can be heard on Tuesday 8 February.