Nottingham radio stations unite for small-scale DAB application

Nottingham community radio stations Radio Dawn and Radio Faza are working together with Niocast Digital and Chris Hurst to apply for an upcoming small-scale DAB licence.

Local station Kemet FM is also supporting the bid for the city’s digital radio licence, which is part of Ofcom’s Round 3 licencing process.

Radio Faza was one of the original 15 Access Radio stations and has just celebrated 21 years on the air.

CEO Zaki Khan: “We have continued to invest in our digital online platforms and social media to enable the widest interaction with our community. I firmly believe that bringing small-scale DAB to Nottingham is another positive development towards our digital future.”

Radio Dawn’s Naser Hussain: “Touching hearts and minds has been our guiding vision for creating a positive and forward-thinking station since we launched in 2006. Now, with our partners, we’re about to make the move onto DAB and we can’t wait to bring that to more listeners.”

Niocast Digital and long-standing senior radio executive Chris Hurst have secured the small-scale DAB licences in Edinburgh and Cardiff – and will bring their experience to the partnership.

“We view small-scale DAB as the perfect place where new and innovative audio formats can develop and thrive, and I would like to invite any stations that want to get on the Nottingham multiplex to get in touch,” says Niocast’s David Duffy

Stations interested in adding their service to the Nottingham DAB ensemble should register via