V2 Radio reignites National Anthem radio tradition

Digital station V2 Radio in West Sussex has started playing the National Anthem at midnight every night.

The suggestion to do this was recently raised by MP Andy Rosindell in parliament, so the station set about doing it.

“None of the larger radio stations play the National Anthem, so what better way to set ourselves apart than to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with the National Anthem being played at the end of every day?,” the station said.

“The BBC stopped doing this on their platforms (other than Radio 4) some time ago and have no plans to revive this on their primary platforms due to the broadcasting day no longer having an end.

“With this year being such a milestone for the British Monarchy, there seems no better time for such a decision, to bring a sense of pride & tradition with a song so recognisable in sound & stature.”

V2 Radio Managing Director, Alex Berry adds: “This is a remarkable occasion and it seems fitting to mark it and celebrate our monarchy. V2 Radio is proud of this decision and proud to serve our local community.”

V2 Radio launched at midday on Monday 18th January 2021 on DAB and online.