Volkswagen Group’s CARIAD becomes members of RadioDNS

CARIAD from the Volkswagen Group has become the newest member of RadioDNS, continuing the presence of the Volkswagen Group within RadioDNS.

Audi was one of the first in the automotive sector to use Hybrid Radio, using the RadioDNS standards to enable new experiences of radio for drivers in connected vehicles.

Functionality like the range extender, which switches seamlessly between broadcast radio and IP streaming, uses RadioDNS standards to get the required stream information directly from radio stations.

CARIAD will now continue to work with RadioDNS to implement and develop standards for their hybrid radio offering, which will be available in Volkswagen Group’s
connected vehicles.

Nick Piggott, Project Director of RadioDNS said, “We’ve been immensely excited and proud to work with Audi and VW as they’ve delivered on the vision of a better radio experience through hybrid radio. We appreciate their support, from early on in the project and continuing today with CARIAD.”

Christian Winter, Development Engineer at CARIAD said: “CARIAD is all about creating unified technology and software platforms for all of the Volkswagen Group brands.

Many vehicles in the premium segment of the group are already using RadioDNS technology and we are looking forward to bringing Hybrid Radio solutions to the volume segment.”

The global membership of RadioDNS supports the organisation’s work in growing and developing Hybrid Radio. Our members influence the direction of the organisation, and can join our Technical Group to work on standards for innovative functionality for radio; real-time metadata; analytics for broadcast radio; targeted audio within broadcast, and more.

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