Embrace 104.7 set to launch on FM radio in Northampton

Northampton will see its 4th community radio station launch on FM this weekend as Embrace 104.7 officially switches on its transmitter.

The station has been streaming ‘the biggest hits now’ and providing local news via the BBC and its own local programmes.

It was one of three groups to win a licence for Northampton in 2020 thanks to a unique community radio licencing round following Inspiration FM’s failure to reapply for its licence in time.

Embrace 104.7 is run by local broadcasters Paul Moore, Jim Byrne and Terry Doyle and will be on FM from Saturday 5th March 2022.

Station Manager is Paul Moore. He says: “Radio in 2022 is different. People have far more choice now so it’s important to have a service that sounds cool, current, relevant and cares about its listeners.

“With that in mind we have worked hard over the last five years to develop an innovative radio station that is both informative and fun to listen to.”

Northampton’s other community radio stations are all now operating; They are Inspiration FM, NLive and Revolution Radio.