V2 Radio asked listeners to drop off their Bras for charity

Sussex station V2 Radio has been running a campaign asking the ladies of Sussex to donate any old and unwanted bras.

The reason behind the initiative was to raise funds for Against Breast Cancer.

The ‘Bring Us Your Bras’ campaign had bra banks set up at sites across the county and was run in conjunction with Lewis Brown Lee Chartered Accountant.

For every tonne of bras collected, against Breast Cancer receives £700. Plus, by recycling bras, it prevents them from being dumped into UK landfills and the charity’s recycling scheme directs textiles to Africa where they help create local commerce.

V2 Radio’s Managing Director Alex Berry said: “We were over the moon with the response – The lovely ladies of Sussex donated a staggering 5426 bras in total.

“This will go a long way to helping Against Breast Cancer and also support many small communities in Africa.

“Not to mention the positive environmental impact of keeping the unwanted bras out of landfill. We cannot thank our listeners and the local businesses that helped along the way enough.”