Audio production body welcomes Radio & Audio Review response

AudioUK has welcomed the UK Government’s White Paper on Broadcasting ‘Up Next’ and the accompanying Government Response to the Radio & Audio Review.

Chloe Straw, Managing Director of the trade body, said: “We are pleased to see the recognition of the UK’s fast-growing audio production sector in these documents.

“We welcome the commitment to looking at statutory protections for audio producers’ IP in the form of regulation terms of trade with the BBC. If implemented this will make terms of trade negotiations easier to conduct and would ensure the protection of producers’ rights in a rapidly-expanding expanding market.

“In the future it may also be worth exploring having the same regime with other PSBs if and when they commission more podcast content, for example to pilot new shows or complement their TV brands.

“We also welcome the Government’s statement to look at the case for continued contestable funding in the form of continued finance for the Audio Content Fund. The Open Letter on the ACF’s future, which had 314 signatures and was coordinated by AudioUK and Radiocentre, is with DCMS for its consideration. We now need the planned evaluation of the ACF pilot scheme to take place as soon as possible.

“On radio and audio skills and training, we are pleased to be part of the steering group that will explore this and we will be keen to explore how our Audiotrain can be expanded to ensure we have the skills base to support our growing industry.

“We are less pleased to see the statement that the Government is not formally considering an Audio Production Tax Relief, to attract further investment into the UK. However we will continue to discuss the case for an APTR with officials, which we have been doing since producing our report last year, in which independently-produced analysis indicated that there would be a net benefit to the Treasury.”

Earlier today, Radiocentre said it wasn’t happy at the lack of protection offered to radio in the online and smart speaker era.

You can see the DCMS Broadcasting White Paper here and the Government Response to the Radio and Audio Review here.