Mental health ambassador Gemma Styles joins Classic FM

Writer, podcast host and mental health ambassador Gemma Styles has joined Classic FM to host two shows this month.

Gemma hosted her first revision hour slot last Sunday, and will conclude her run this Sunday 29th May from 9pm.

The six-week series named “Classic FM’s Revision Hour” is dedicated solely to students to help them through the current exam period.

Gemma, who has 8.3 million followers on Instagram and 3.8 million on Twitter is hosting the show alongside other guests in the series, including A&E doctor and UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador Dr. Alex George.

Philip Noyce, Classic FM’s Managing Editor, said: “We are excited to welcome Gemma to Classic FM’s Revision Hour as one of the presenters of the series. As a mental health ambassador, Gemma understands how students can feel during exams, and will be able to connect directly with our listeners. Along with advice from The Student Room, we hope that this series will help support, encourage and relax students over the coming weeks.”

Gemma Styles said: “I am thrilled to become a presenter on Classic FM’s Revision Hour. I remember my own experiences of studying and exams, both at school and at university, so I know how beneficial this series is. I hope that I can be a friendly and comforting voice for students going through exams and – accompanied by some great classical music – offer a moment of calm and relaxation during what can be a stressful time.”