Classic FM to air exclusive interview with composer John Williams

John Williams turned 90 this year and to mark the occasion, Andrew Collins will present a special, exclusive two-hour programme with the American composer on Classic FM.

John rarely gives interviews, so this will be an opportunity to hear from the man who has composed some of the most iconic themes in cinematic history.

From Star Wars and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial to Schindler’s List and the magic of Harry Potter, Williams has received 52 Academy Award nominations and is the second most-nominated individual ever, after Walt Disney.

The programme, which was recorded at Amblin Entertainment in Los Angeles, celebrates a career that has spanned seven decades. He discusses his career highlights, his classical influences and challenges along the way.

Why was his score to Jaws met by the ultimate criticism, ‘You can’t be serious?’, from Spielberg? How was the Star Wars theme made possible by a one-take wonder trumpeter, and would he like to score a Bond film?

John answers these questions across the two-hour programme as well as revealing what’s still to come from him, including writing to the wire for the latest instalment of Indiana Jones.

John Williams at 90 can be heard on Classic FM on Bank Holiday Monday, 29 August 8-10pm.