Fix Radio Breakfast team kit out portaloo for Loo of the Year Awards

Bald Builders, Brad Hanson and Sam Hughes from the Fix Radio Breakfast Show have designed and built what they call, the Ultimate Builders’ Portaloo and entered it into the Loo of Year Awards.

The standard site portaloo has been fitted with an electric fan, onsite radio, TV, wi-fi and snacks.

The idea came from a feature on the Bald Builders Breakfast where they were asking for suggestions for the ultimate onsite lavatory from its audience of tradespeople.

Keen to win an award, and with the ARIAS still six months away, the team settled on entering the Loo of the Year award.

The judges from the Loo of the Year visited the portaloo last month. The winners will be announced in October.

Jack Edwards, senior producer of Fix Radio’s Bald Builders Breakfast Show said: “The judges were really impressed with what we’ve done.

“The Loo of the Year Awards showcase the best in public toilets. They want to promote public toilets as clean healthy spaces. The Ultimate Builders’ Portaloo does just that.”