“I feel the most me I’ve ever been,” says Dean McCullough, reflecting on working at Radio 1

Dean McCullough opened up on social media yesterday, reflecting on how he feels about making it to BBC Radio 1 and how much he loves being on-air.

Posting on Twitter, Dean said that he’s found his tribe, having taken 10 years to get to Radio 1 and now feels “the most alive, the most content and the most me I’ve ever been”.

Dean joined Radio 1 following a stint on Gaydio in Manchester, where he co-hosted Drivetime with Emma Goswell for two years, then from April 2020 they were moved to the Breakfast Show.

In December 2020, Dean was named as one of 33 guest presenters joining Radio 1 to take over the station over the Christmas period. This was followed by some cover work, then a regular show, Fridays to Sundays.

From 5 September, he’s replacing Scott Mills to co-host Radio 1’s weekday afternoon show with Vicky Hawkesworth.

Dean says that radio for him, and many others, is a medicine. When he takes time off, he gets itchy and wants to get back in the studio. “It’s magic and I love it with every inch of my heart,” he says.

Acknowledging past problems with alcohol, he says that he’s now two years sober and that’s magic for him too.

He makes no secret of the problems he had with drinking in the past. In an interview with Attitude magazine last year, he spoke candidly about how he used alcohol to numb how he felt about his problems.

That’s all behind him now and he says: “I feel a ✨ present✨er and I have ditching booze to thank for that.”

With just three weeks to go until he begins his new chapter at Radio 1, Dean admits he’s sh***ing himself, but he’s ready for the challenge!