Presenter Emma Scott offers new globally syndicated radio show

Radio presenter Emma Scott has revealed details of her new globally syndicated radio show.

The Pluggin Baby Radio Show is being offered as a two-hour weekly programme to stations all over the world and features independent talent from her radio plugging business, Pluggin Baby, which she has been running since 2013.

The show, which will be pre-recorded in her own Cambridgeshire home studio will also play established bands who have fired up Emma’s musical passion since she started her radio career back in 1988.

Acoustic sets and interviews with familiar artists and classic tracks, as well as introductions to fresh new bands are included with its weekly offering. The show currently has over 30 stations worldwide taking it. “The more the merrier,” says Emma.

As Emma shines the spotlight on her favourite artists and encounters from over the years; exhilarating new sounds will lie seamlessly side by side with the likes of “Shinedown, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Paramore, Stereophonics, Jimmy Eat World, Placebo, and of course Muse!”, the latter a band openly beloved by the lady herself.

“So good, I named my company after one of their songs!” she declared.

Emma has previously worked at many UK radio stations including Kerrang! Radio, Metro FM, Hallam FM, Power FM, Chiltern Radio, Heart, Galaxy and Juice.

Emma adds: “Having worked in the music industry for over 30 years, I have radio in my blood” and as the show will epitomise and the music industry can attest to over the past couple of decades or so, the supporting and promoting of new bands and great sounds lies deep in her heart, it all brought forth once more with the fun and passion only rock ‘n’ roll can inspire.”

“The Pluggin Baby Radio launches worldwide, from September 1st. For stations that wish to host the show, please contact