Fun Kids puts children in charge of its Story Quest podcast

Fun Kids has launched a brand new interactive version of its Story Quest podcast where young people see their story ideas brought to life.

Young listeners will be suggesting story ideas which the Fun Kids team will then turn into a special tale.

The stories will then appear in audio on the Story Quest podcast as well as video on The Fun Kids website and YouTube. On the show, each child will introduce the story and then afterward talk to the presenter, Dan Simpson, about where their idea came from and what they thought about the tale Fun Kids created.

Fun Kids Content Controller, Lloydie James Lloyd said: “We know kids have the best imaginations and we wanted to make sure they had a platform. Most children’s stories come from the heads of adults but with Story Quest, we wanted to tap into the creative genius of our listeners before we created our stories.

“Each story will be written from their suggestions and then read out by a Fun Kids presenter so the young person behind the story can hear their idea brought to life. It is a real creative challenge for our team to bring to life such innovative ideas. Each story is unique and a valuable chance to interact with our listeners.”