Reduced Listening wins top award at the 2022 Audio Production Awards

Reduced Listening was named Production Company of the Year at the 2022 Audio Production Awards at a ceremony in London on Wednesday evening.

Other winners this year include Lina Prestwood, who won gold for Best Lifestyle & Society Producer and The Sustainability Award for her work The Long Time Academy at Scenery Studios.

Axel Kacoutié also won two awards including Best Factual Producer and Best Sound Design Producer for his work at Falling Tree Productions.

Producer of the Year was won by Steve Urquhart and audio newcomer Lianne Sanderson was crowned Best New Voice for her work at talkSPORT.

The special AudioUK Award was presented to Lily Ames for the UK Audio Network (UKAN), a growing community of audio producers, commissioners and creators, distributing work opportunities via a shared email list.

Here’s the full list of winners:


Best Arts & Culture Producer

GOLD – Geoff Bird – Freelance

SILVER – Steven Rajam – Overcoat Media

BRONZE – Lyndsay Fenner & Victoria Lloyd – Storyglass


Hannah Dean – Falling Tree Productions

Hannah Hufford – BBC Audio

Victoria Ferran – Just Radio


Best News & Current Affairs Producer

GOLD – James Shield – The Times and The Sunday Times

SILVER – Taryn Siegel – The Times and The Sunday Times

BRONZE – Ruth Abrahams – Freelance / The Guardian


Ant Adeane – Freelance

Daniel Rosney – BBC Newsbeat

Edward Drummond – The Times and The Sunday Times


Best Entertainment Producer

GOLD – Meera Kumar – Freelance

SILVER – Adem Waterman – Absolute Radio

BRONZE – Lorna Skingley – 7digital


Lucy Dearlove – Storyglass

Ore Olukoga – TBI Media

Victoria Ferran – Just Radio


Best New Producer

GOLD – Redzi Bernard – Falling Tree Productions

SILVER – Julian Maclurg – Freelance

BRONZE – Pippa Smith – Novel

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Talia Augustidis – Message Heard


Charlotte North – Whistledown

Rufaro Faith Mazarura – Audio Always


Best Presenter 

GOLD – Danny Robins – Bafflegab Productions

SILVER – John Sweeney – Chalk and Blade

BRONZE – Claudia Winkleman – TBI Media


Axel Kacoutié – Falling Tree Productions

Elis James and John Robins – Audio Always

Rob Beckett – TBI Media


Best Factual Producer 

GOLD – Axel Kacoutié

SILVER – Joshua Kelly – The Guardian

BRONZE – Eva Krysiak – Freelance


Kate Taylor – Audible

Redzi Bernard – Falling Tree Productions

Russell Finch – Wondery


Best Sports Producer

GOLD – Chessie Bent – TBI Media

SILVER – Olly Clink – talkSPORT

BRONZE – Joel Grove – Guardian News and Media

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Isabel Minter – talkSPORT


Adonis Pratsides – The Athletic

Christian Hewgill – BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat


Gethin Thomas Award for Best Comedy Producer

GOLD – Matt Thomas – Audio Always

SILVER – Gus Beattie – Gusman Productions

BRONZE – David Tyler – Pozzitive


Ed Morrish – Lead Mojo Productions

Gwyn Rhys Davies – BBC Studios

Kurt Brookes – Made In Manchester


Best Music Producer

GOLD – Arthur Hagues – Prison Radio Association

SILVER – Jack Howson

BRONZE – Katie Callin – Reduced Listening


Helen Weatherhead – Audio Always

Keana Bernard – BBC Audio

Nate Goodman – We Are Grape


Best Audiobook Producer

GOLD – Laura-Leigh Smith – String and Tins for Audible

SILVER – Chris Thompson – Penguin Random House

BRONZE – David Beck – Wireless Theatre for Audible

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Lily Ridett – Freelance


Kathleen Moroney – Red Apple Creative for Audible

Tanya Hougham – HarperCollins Publishers

Best Narrator

GOLD – Tracy Wiles – Almost Tangible

SILVER – Julie Hesmondhalgh – HarperCollins

BRONZE – Tom Alexander – HarperCollins

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Minnie Driver – Bonnier Books UK


Andy Serkis – HarperCollins

Kristin Atherton – Penguin Random House

Best Lifestyle & Society Producer (NEW) 

GOLD – Lina Prestwood – Scenery Studios

SILVER – Sangeeta Pillai – Soul Sutras

BRONZE – Andrew Gold – On the Edge with Andrew Gold


Anouszka Tate – Freelance

Selina Ream – Somethin’ Else

Sylvie Carlos – Unedited

Best Ensemble Cast

GOLD – Joelah, Keke & DJ Silk – 1Xtra’s Throwback Party

SILVER – Kat Anderson & Natalia Anderson – Expat Immigrant Podcast

BRONZE – Helen Brown, Terri Sweeney, Emma Goswell & Beena Khetani – Effin Hormones


Elis James &. John Robins – Audio Always

Kim Davis & Raffaella Coleman – The Scene

William Hanson & Jordan North – Audio Always

Best New Voice 

GOLD – Lianne Sanderson – talkSPORT

SILVER – Cara McGoogan – The Telegraph

BRONZE – Talia Augustidis – Message Heard


Afrodeutsche – Reform Radio

Lily Baldwin – Audible

Peter Waring – Whistledown


Best Branded Sound Producer

GOLD – Luke Berry – BBC Popular Music Station Sound

SILVER – Adam Venton – Little Monster Media

BRONZE – Chris Nicoll – WIZZFX


Ali Rezakhani – BBC Sounds

Kenny Southavy – ReelWorld

Sam Parker – WIZZFX

Best Sound Design Producer

GOLD – Axel Kacoutié – Freelance

SILVER – Benbrick

BRONZE – Kit Milsom – Mags Creative


Hannah Dean – Falling Tree Productions

John Wakefield – Audible

Steve Urquhart – Freelance


Best Drama & Fiction Producer

GOLD – Andrew Mark Sewell – B7 Media

SILVER – Barnaby Eaton-Jones & Ian Haig – Idea Hat Productions

BRONZE – Melanie Harris – Sparklab Productions


Celia de Wolff – Pier Productions

Jacqueline Rayner – Big Finish Productions

Nicolas Jackson – Afonica

AudioUK Award

UK Audio Network (UKAN)


Grassroots Production Awards 

GOLD – Carousel

SILVER – Vic Elizabeth Turnbull – MIC Media

BRONZE – Modus Arts – Tape Letters


Boz Temple-Morris & Fin Kennedy – The Waves

Miranda Rae – Afrikan Queens

Steve Urquhart – Doing Bird


The Sustainability Award (NEW)

GOLD – The Long Time Academy – Scenery Studios

SILVER – Lucia Scazzocchio – Wild Eye

BRONZE – Resonance FM


Jo Kennedy & Cathy Shaw – Nature Tripping

Loftus Media – Funghi: The New Frontier

Reform Radio

Producer of the Year (NEW)

GOLD – Steve Urquhart – Freelance

SILVER – Hana Walker-Brown – Broccoli Productions / Freelance

BRONZE – Jon Holmes – unusual



Hannah Dean – Falling Tree Productions

Victoria Ferran – Just Radio


Publisher or Network of the Year (NEW)

GOLD – Resonance FM

SILVER – Mags Creative

BRONZE – Fun Kids


Crowd Network

Sky News


Production Company of the Year 

GOLD – Reduced Listening

SILVER – Unedited

BRONZE – Whistledown


Holy Mountain

TBI Media

We Are Grape