The All Saints Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 clip is going viral

A mash-up of Jeremy Vine clips mixed with an All Saints song produced over three years ago has been rediscovered and is getting more hits on social media.

Created by former BBC Radio 2 producer Mark Payne, the production has just been picked up by online publications such as The Poke and retweeted by accounts with high followers including Greg Janner and Accidental Partridge.

Mark is enjoying the comeback, saying “it’s so wild, it showed up on my TikTok feed!”

The audio, which aired on Sara Cox’s Drivetime show last week, has Jeremy Vine asking questions such as “Is it wrong to steal leaves?” and “What exactly is a raindrop”.

It was tweeted on Saturday morning by Alex Watson bringing it back into the Twitterverse.

If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out below: