Virgin Radio 80s Plus launches My 80s Playlist feature

Virgin Radio 80s Plus has launched a new feature presented by Steve Denyer where special guests will choose their favourite songs.

Every weekday evening at 7.30pm, Steve will host My 80s Playlist where his guests will pick the tracks that make up their dream 80s playlist.

This week, Richard Marx joins Steve as his first guest, as he tells all about his encounters with Lionel Richie and Prince. Carol Decker from T’Pau, Andy Bell from Erasure and Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Go’s are just a few of the guests to come.

Also on Virgin Radio 80s Plus, this Thursday the station is featuring the Girls of the 80s – from solo artists Whitney Houston and Madonna to girl groups including The Bangles and Bananarama.

The digital station is also preparing to count down its listeners’ top ten music videos of the 80s at the end of November.

Steve Denyer said: “I’m really excited to be interviewing the most iconic stars from the best decade of music. I’m going to be speaking to everyone that I used to buy Smash Hits magazine for! Richard Marx telling me how Lionel Richie discovered him when he was a kid and what happened when he came face-to-face with Prince after being told not to interact with him blew my mind! I’ve already spoken with Carol Decker, Pete Waterman and Cheryl Baker and I’m just getting started.”

Mike Cass, Content Director, Virgin Radio UK, commented: “We’re really excited about the launch of My 80s Playlist. Our listeners are going to love this feature, seeing what classic 80s tracks their favourite stars love. With Steve at the helm, it’s sure to entertain!”