KL1 Radio launches new service KL XTRA with Christmas music

KL1 Radio, the digital local radio station for King’s Lynn and West Norfolk has announced a brand extension.

KL XTRA will offer a pop-up radio service to local organisations and event companies who can use its online and DAB service to own a temporary radio station for a week or a month depending on how much time they need.

First up is a month of back-to-back festive tunes without presenters. The station says it will enable shops, offices, and factories a readymade festive music outlet from their local radio station.

The music on KL XTRA for the festive period will feature classic songs, new recordings of traditional Christmas music alongside party mixes.

The service started online and on DAB today, December 1st.

Programme controller Richard Dix commented “We have had a huge response to KL1 Radio following our recent DAB launch and we feel that launching KL XTRA will ad to our commitment to the local community and economy. We would love to hear from anyone planning an event in West Norfolk for 2023 and beyond and work with them to maximise their exposure with their own pop-up radio station.”