Aiir launches web-based music scheduler for radio stations

Aiir is launching a cloud-based music scheduler for radio stations to create and manage playlists via a web browser.

The service can be created and accessed on any device without a desktop application being required.

The teams at Aiir and PlayoutONE have been working on Aiir Scheduler for a number of years, prior to the merger of the two companies last year.

It will export to most playout systems, including Zetta, WideOrbit, Myriad, Enco, Station Playlist and PlayoutONE.

Ricki Lee, Aiir CEO: “I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be able to publicly talk about this product. We’ve been working tirelessly for the past two years on Aiir Scheduler. We’re welcoming beta users to register their interest now. We hope to gather feedback to enhance the experience as we head for an official launch in Q2 2023”

Dave Brierley-Jones, Aiir COO: “Listening to our customers it became clear that they don’t want to be restricted to one device. With Aiir Scheduler, users can schedule on the device that’s most convenient to them, wherever they are. Aimed at all broadcasters, we’ve built this scheduler from the ground up and can’t wait for users to try it”

Aiir Scheduler is now available for beta registration at