Bauer could be fined for turning off Absolute Radio’s AM service

Ofcom is considering giving Bauer a financial penalty for ending its national AM licence eight years early.

Bauer told Ofcom yesterday, on January 26th 2023, that it has turned off all the AM transmitters broadcasting Absolute Radio across most of the UK.

Ofcom will now initiate procedures to officially revoke the licence.

Under section 111(4) of the Broadcasting Act 1990, if Ofcom is satisfied that the holder of a licence to provide a national service has ceased to provide the service before the end of the licence period and it is appropriate to do so, it must revoke the licence.

Ofcom says: “Bauer Radio will now have five working days to provide representations on Ofcom’s preliminary view on licence revocation and may request an opportunity to make oral representations.

“Once we have considered any representations received, Ofcom will write to Bauer Radio setting out our final decision and, if appropriate, revoking the licence. We will also publish our decision on our website.

Under section 101(3) of the Broadcasting Act 1990, where Ofcom revokes a national licence, it must require the licence holder to pay a financial penalty.

Ofcom adds: “Depending on our decision, we may undertake a further process to determine any financial penalty that may apply.”

RadioToday exclusively revealed Bauer was planning to turn off a number of AM services, including Absolute Radio nationwide, earlier this month.