Phil Williams gets one of OJ Borg’s late night BBC Radio 2 slots

OJ Borg is having Mondays off from his midnight till 3am show from this week as Phil Williams takes over.

OJ has hosted five shows a week for the last five years but tweeted to say change is coming as he’s never taken his kids to school or had a proper weekend.

It means Phil Williams is getting his first weekly show on the station, as he will be the regular Monday morning presenter.

Phil said: “I’m joining ⁦BBC Radio 2⁩ to present Sunday nights into Monday mornings 0000-0300 each week.

“I’ve loved all the shows I’ve done to date and can’t wait to have a weekly gig there. The mighty ⁦@OJBorg⁩ does Tues-Fri with the midnight massive.”