Radioplayer expands to 15th country as Greece agrees partnership

Radioplayer is heading to Greece following a new partnership agreement with broadcasters in the country.

Greece will be the 15th country for Radioplayer with more expected later this year.

Greek broadcasters have formed a consortium to licence the Radioplayer Worldwide technology platform, and will launch on World Radio Day, Monday 13th February 2023.

Initially majoring on stations from the Athens area, the consortium plans to expand the Radioplayer Greece offering to all eligible Greek stations throughout 2023.

In addition to apps for major mobile, smart TV, and smart speaker platforms, Greek broadcasters will be included in Radioplayer’s ever-expanding portfolio of automotive integrations.

Radioplayer already has technology partnerships with VW Group and BMW Group, representing 34% of the European car market and 14 individual car brands. Official metadata (station information) flows from broadcasters in each Radioplayer partner country, is processed and stored in the Radioplayer central systems, and is shared under licence with automotive partners, in order to improve the radio experience.

Radioplayer is in a growth phase, with new investment from the founding broadcaster partners, new car company partnerships about to be announced, and new partner countries
joining throughout 2023.

Broadcasters in current Radioplayer countries Spain and Canada have also just re-confirmed their commitment to the alliance, by renewing their partnership agreements.

Michael Hill, Radioplayer Founder and MD said: “Radioplayer exists to meet the strategic needs of the radio sector, so it’s always fantastic news when another set of international broadcasters decides to join forces with us, and fight together for radio’s future in the dashboard, the home, and the mobile. We are very proud that the Greek radio sector has put its faith in Radioplayer”.

Alexis Karakatsanis, Country Manager, Radioplayer Greece said: “Greek broadcasters can see the power of collaborating through Radioplayer, particularly to secure radio’s future in cars. Radio needs to unite, to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We are looking forward to taking our seat round the Radioplayer table.”