Greg James starts new Formula 1 podcast The Fast And The Curious

BBC Radio 1’s Greg James has teamed up with sports presenter Betty Glover and F1 fanatic and broadcast journalist Christian Hewgill to launch a new podcast.

The Fast And The Curious promises to entertain while also giving the drivers a chance to speak directly to their fans.

It’s a show for die-hard fans as well as those who are curious to learn more about the F1 world and the characters that inhabit it.

The team says: “There are plenty of podcasts critiquing every corner and missed overtake, so instead we’ll be aiming to find as much fun in the sport as possible. Our driver co-hosts will make themselves at home, checking in with us regularly as the season progresses.

“Using our extensive radio and podcast experience, we’ll come up with inventive ways to capture the imaginations of both the seasoned fans and the F1 curious as we invite people to join this lively new community.”