LGBTQ+ stations to hold minute silence to remember Brianna Ghey

Gaydio has coordinated a broadcast across UK LGBTQ+ stations at 1100 this Friday, 17 February to remember the life of trans teenager Brianna Ghey.

Sixteen year old Brianna was found with stab wounds in a park in Culcheth, Cheshire last Saturday and sadly died at the scene, two people have been since charged with murder.

Stations including Gaydio, Hits Radio Pride, Pride Radio, Gorgeous Radio, Glitterbeam Radio, Trans Radio UK and Juice 1038 will be joining to simultaneously broadcast a package introduced by broadcaster, Steph Hirst followed by a one minute silence.

In the feature, Hirst will reflect on the discrimination and violence that trans people face and also commemorate and remember the life of Brianna.

Gaydio’s Network Content Manager, Kriss Herbert-Noble, who has coordinated the broadcast across all seven stations said: “We felt it important to work across the LGBTQ+ radio sector, showing that as a community we stand together against hate.

“Trans people face daily challenges, and our role is to stand up and highlight these stories and voices. This event in particular has reverberated across the community and it’s right we take a stand and remember the life of a bright, young trans person.”

Any station wanting to participate should contact