BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio 4 celebrate St David’s Day

BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio 4 are celebrating St David’s Day with services from Jerusalem, Rome, Brittany and Wales.

It’s 900 years since St David was recognised as the patron saint of Wales by Pope Callixtus II, so during the seven weeks from St David’s Day to Easter, worship and faith programmes on the two stations will broadcast from locations connected to his story and reflect themes linked to the Saint.

Other programmes will look at aspects of his character and examine their significance today.

On BBC Radio Wales, highlights included a special edition of All Things Considered on February 26, which explores who St David was, followed by a programme on March 5 that considers what he means for contemporary Wales, and a service by the Very Revd Dr Sarah Rowland-Jones.

On March 12, an episode called St David: Make Me A Saint will also see presenter Jonathan Thomas attempt to live like St David, including standing up to his neck in cold water, preaching on a hill at Llandewi Brefi and eating only vegetables.

BBC Radio Wales will also broadcast services throughout the seven week period up to Easter that take place in Jerusalem, Rome, Brittany, Glastonbury and Wales. These celebrations, titled Seven Reasons to be Joyful, will reflect the Saint’s famous last words. The services will culminate in a broadcast service from Bangor led by the Archbishop of Wales, Andrew John.

Highlights on BBC Radio 4 include Sunday Worship on February 26 presented from Jerusalem by the present Dean of St Davids, Sarah Rowland-Jones, and featuring reflections from contemporary Welsh pilgrims in Jerusalem, Rome and Brittany. There will also be six daily editions Prayer for the Day from sites connected with the story of St David, including Glastonbury and St Peter’s Square.

Carolyn Hitt, Editor of BBC Radio Wales, says, “We celebrate our patron saint each year in Wales but do we really know anything about St David and all he represented?

“On this special anniversary our content across BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio 4 will allow our audiences to get to know him better than ever before. It’s a fascinating story that we follow like pilgrims across the globe. The variety of content exploring this story is rich and diverse, ranging from the deeply spiritual to feelgood and fun. I can’t think of a better way to mark the 900th anniversary of St David being recognised as Wales’ patron saint.”